Here in PrometalBakli in our Tinplate Service Centre we have the following service categories:

  1. Cutting Tinplate coils for Can Makers and Tinplate Producers, demonstrating Prometal's very high degree of expertise (accuracy and reliability).
  2. Metal Printing. We have partnered with both independent lithographers and fully integrated can-making companies for their metal decorating needs on a regular basis.

Together with our customers, prior to the order, we compose and agree on an Information Sheet, in which details of the process and the final uses of the product are described. This results in:

  • Selection of suitable Materials,
  • A completely trouble-free production process.


We operate two “Cut to Length” lines: specifically and exclusively designed for Tinplate production:

  • "Littel", a production line that caters for state of the art products.
  • "Delta", a specialized custom production line that makes the very best out of non-prime raw materials.

Furthermore we have:

  • Two high quality slitters in order to produce the exact accurate dimensions and to achieve the strictest tolerances one can request, +/- 0,20 mm
  • One lift truck (with a loading capacity of 13,5 tons) for fast loading and unloading of Coils
  • Six lift trucks (with a loading capacity of 3-5 tons) for loading and unloading of bundles
  • Eight cranes (with a loading capacity of 5-16 tons) for loading production lines and optimum organization of the storage area
  • Two loading and unloading ramps for containers

Quality Control

We have a highly trained team of experienced personnel, who are fully equipped to handle our materials, closely following our ISO Quality Assurance system guidelines.


Our online Traceability System enables us to instantly track and follow products from the moment they arrive until their final delivery to the client. Thus, in a click, we have the full traceability and complete history of each product.


Since 1995 we have been certified with ISO 9000 (ISO 9001.2008 since 2008), according to our Cut To Length (CTL), Sorting and Warehousing processes of Tinplate and Chromium coated steel (TFS) coils and sheets.
- Our products are delivered in compliance with 10202/2001 European Norms.
- Our products are suitable for food packaging and produced in compliance with 1935/2004/EC European Guidelines.
- Our Human Resource Department is following all rules and regulations regarding company's operations.
- Our Safety Technician is responsible for following all rules and regulations of national laws regarding Health and safety.

Technical Support

We offer a wide range of after-sales services and support, which ensure fast problem solving and know-how transfer, thus offering real added value to our customers.