Our Clients

Our clients, located in the greater EMEA region, range from some of the largest multinationals in the world to small regional Can makers.

The excellent fulfilment of the needs of our Customers is our priority. In PrometalBakli we listen and understand the needs of our Clients first, and then cater for their unique and individual requirements.
We support our clients with our technical expertise in all the stages of their production, proposing various solutions concerning printing and Can making.
With years of consistency and dedication to our Clients, we successfully serve a variety of industries and our customers produce, amongst others, the following:

Tinplate Cans for food products - sterilized

  • ΑPlain cans, for white fruit
  • Lacquered cans, for tomato products, ready made meals, milk
Tinplate Cans for food products - non sterilized

  • Dairy products
  • Edible oils
  • Other food; confectionery, biscuits, coffee
Tinplate Cans for non food products

  • Paints & varnishes
  • Household items (i.e.: cleaners and insect repellents) in aerosol cans
  • Cosmetics and perfumes in aerosol cans
  • Petroleum products (i.e.: machine oils)
Tinplate Caps

  • Crown caps
  • Twist off caps
Gas cartridges

Other Tinplate items

We also supply various companies that produce a very diverse range of non-packaging products, i.e. electrical equipment, batteries, filters, decoration items, promotional items etc.