Stainless Steel Products

We hold the largest stocks in terms of quantity and variety of commercial specifications, not only in the Greek market but also in the Balkans. Despite the fact that stainless steel is an expensive material whose price undergoes substantial speculative fluctuations, we keep in stock more than 950 different specifications and product codes, and this is continually increasing.

We are passionate about our work, and thanks to our financial strength, decades-long experience and excellent and longstanding collaboration with the largest European, but not exclusively, stainless steel mills, we continue to expand our product range by following, predicting and even guiding, the requirements of our domestic and foreign customers.

All of the above would not be sufficient to serve our customers in the way we wish, if it weren’t for our Stainless Steel Service centre in Mandra Attica where we operate a total of six production lines of coil processing and four machines for cutting sheets and long products.

Our experienced and specialized staff will assist you in selecting the right product to meet the needs of your project or design. Do not hesitate to contact our sales representatives for any further information you may need or to enquire about stock or product availability.

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