Processing Capabilities

Coil cutting to custom length - CTL

We operate two CTL and levelling processing lines. The first is made by the renowned machinery manufacturer FIMI and its features and capabilities correspond to those used by European stainless mills. With a capacity of up to 1.5 tons/minute and perfect levelling achieved by a powerful six high type levelling machine, this production line, specifically designed for stainless steel processing, has the capacity to cut sheets of up to a length of 6.450mm, with high cutting and tolerance accuracy, while maintaining intact both material surfaces.
Our second CTL line is much more versatile: in addition to cutting, it can simultaneously slit and trim coils into smaller widths and lengths.

Polishing Coils and Sheets

We operate two polishing lines, one of which is state of the art and made by the renowned firms FIMI and IMEAS, with features and capabilities corresponding to lines used by European stainless mills. Its productivity can reach 1.5 tons/minute and offers its operators a wide variety and combination of surface treatments and finishes so as to achieve the best quality finishes such as Dublo, Satine and Brushed. PrometalBakli’s Dublo finish is a specific type of finish based on our own technology and knowhow. This high quality finish is the most commercially successful finish in the Greek market, in the satine category.
Dublo is ideal for challenging and demanding applications. It combines a bright satine type uniform finish with a very smooth surface which allows for easy cleaning without leaving residues. Finally, it is to be noted that Dublo’s low degree of roughness (0.23 to 0.28 microns) makes our material more resistant to corrosion than a rougher surface material. It is no coincidence therefore that some of our most pioneering clients successfully undertook and executed major projects using our materials, such as the new pyramid at the Louvre Museum in Paris, luxury elevators in buildings of the Kremlin, in the new branch of Louis Vuitton in Paris, and at Athens airport, to name but a few.

Plastic coating and Surface Protection
Almost all our flat finished products can be protected with plastic coating on whichever side is desired, with a self-adhesive protective film. Depending on the type of processing used by our clients we offer special types of plastic protection appropriate for each application, for instance with laser cutting machines. Most of our clients request a film with the PrometalBakli logo as a guarantee of the quality of the raw material used for their product.


We operate two flexible slitting lines with a maximum width of the incoming coil of up to 1530mm. The outgoing slitted coils can be delivered in widths from 5mm to 1.500mm. Using these lines enables us to deliver the slitted material at the desired width, with high precision and excellent cut quality. We can therefore deliver coils ready for our customer's production line, accelerating the process and reducing their costs.

Custom Sheet cutting

Our clients often require small quantities of stainless steel pieces in specific sizes, which for various reasons cannot be cut in our large automated production lines. We therefore operate two highly versatile cutting machines (shears) where our operators have the ability to cut sheets into smaller pieces of specific dimensions. We can cut sheets from a thickness of 0.3 to 6.0 mm, with a maximum length of 3.000 mm

Cutting Long Products to Custom Lengths

We operate machines for cutting long products in specific lengths in order to to meet our customers’ requests. This processing covers all long products.

Circular disk cutting

We can produce circular discs with a diameter range from 150 to 1.000 mm. The thickness range we can cut is 0,4 to 1,2mm.