Stainless Steel available surface finishes

Corrosion resistance of stainless steel depends on its type and grade but it also depends on its surface quality. The more rugged and rough the surface is, the less resistant to corrosion it is. There are many different types of surface finishes available, each one with its particular characteristics:
Available finish types
EN 10088-2
Commercial Name Description
HR Hot Rolled
Surface resulting from hot rolling. A rough non reflective and porous surface commonly found in thick sheets. Normally not used for decorative applications. .
ΜΑΤ Finish resulting after cold rolling and additional final finishing process. Mat is the most common and widespread cold rolled mill finish. It has a dull grey slightly reflective surface with a characteristic classical silver-milky appearance and smooth touch. It is often the initial surface to create many other finishes such as Dublo and Satine
Bright Annealed
Often referred to as BA (Bright Annealed) with the characteristic bright surface. Like the 2B finish it is often the initial surface to create many other finishes such as Dublo and Satine.
The Dublo surface finish is ideal for challenging and demanding applications, combining a bright Satine- type uniform finish with a very smooth surface which allows for easy cleaning without leaving residues. Finally, it should be noted that Dublo’s low degree of roughness (0.23 to 0.28 microns) makes our material more resistant to corrosion than a rougher surface material. It is no coincidence therefore that some of our pioneering clients successfully undertook and executed construction projects using our materials, such as in the new Pyramid at the Louvre Museum in Paris, luxury elevators in buildings of the Kremlin in Moscow, the new Louis Vuitton shop in Paris, various constructions in the new Athens airport and many more.
SATINE A finish achieved by using special belts and abrasive materials on specialized machines which gives the characteristic "fibrous" shape found in stainless steel liner domestic appliances such as refrigerators, ovens, etc. The orientation of the “fibre” is clear and distinct, and is produced in a wide range of variations, according to the type of material used.
(Scotch Brite)
A finish achieved by using cylindrical abrasive materials in specialized machines, it has low grade roughness and a smooth surface. The end result is a particular surface, akin to Satine, but with its own characteristics such as the unnoticeable orientation of the "fibres" and can be found in a variety of types and qualities, depending on the materials used.
Specifically designed embossed surfaces with repeating patterns (eg. Dots, Linen, Leather, Rice-shaped, etc.) for specialized decorative uses with a unique aesthetic result.
(Anti-skid, Anti-slip)
Distinctive finish on embossed surfaces with repeating patterns (eg Tear Drops or Diamond) and enhanced grip and anti-skid features- the preferred choice for industrial flooring applications and slip resistant steps and stairs.
Extreme shiny finish with a highly reflecting surface used in decorative and special requirement applications, often replacing classic mirrors.