Your partner in Stainless Steel since 1980

At PrometalBakli we are pioneers in the processing and distribution of stainless steel and can offer you the most appropriate solution to your specific needs.

With our long history and our undisputed leading presence, we have earned the trust of most of the Greek stainless steel market, from big factories to small end-users. Thanks to our infrastructure (warehousing, processing, high availability and distribution services of stainless steel products) we continue to add real value to our clients by contributing to the quality and the competitiveness of their final products.

In our Service Centre we operate 6 cutting-edge processing lines and 4 cutting machines for stainless steel. This state of the art manufacturing equipment combined with our high stock levels, give us the necessary flexibility to deliver high quality products and superior service at very short notice.

Since the production capacity of our Service centre exceeds by far the total demand of the Greek stainless steel market, our aim is to expand even further into the international markets.