Company Profile


Today at PrometalBakli we operate two separate Tinplate and Stainless Steel Service Centres in western Attica as well as a Distribution Centre in Thessaloniki, in northern Greece. Founded in 1950, we are the largest Stainless Steel Service Centre in the Balkans, and one of the biggest independent tinplate service centres in Europe. We are active in both metal markets, offering specialized services and support to our clients who seek top quality and constant innovation.

PrometalBakli is a family business, now in its third generation, with:
  • 26.000 square metres of storage and production facilities
  • Over 20.000 tons of stock
  • €78.5 million in own invested capital
  • Sophisticated knowhow in specialized services
Our aim is to become the preferred supplier of every company in search of tinplate or stainless steel.

Our role is to effectively bridge the gap between the large scale production of tinplate and stainless steel mills and the customized needs of companies by offering top quality products at highly competitive prices. This will in turn assist our clients to distinguish themselves in their own markets.

Our aim is to become the first choice for every business seeking a tinplate or stainless steel supplier in our region. Furthermore, our proven experience, our infrastructure and our unique location have established PrometalBakli as a key Service Centre with European standards in the broader EMEA region. Our customer base continues to expand as we develop a solid international presence.


PrometalBakli’s administration took control of COMESA S.A. by forming a joint venture with the largest worldwide steel producer, Arcelor Mittal. COMESA (Comercial de Hojalata y Metales SA) is the largest Tinplate Service Centre in Spain founded in 1973 and has two distribution centres in Navarra and in Rioja regions. It operates 5 tinplate coil cutting lines covering the needs of a number of major customers. COMESA is also active in many foreign markets. For more info go to:


In Poland at Katowice region TSC Sp (Tinplate Service Center Sp zoo) is an active Tinplate Service Centre founded in 2000. The company belongs to Spanish COMESA and operates a tinplate coil cutting line covering the needs of a wide clientele. For more info go to: