Prometal Bakli S.A., (the “Company”) with respect to your personal data adopts all efficient measures in order to ensure and protect your privacy.


The following information is made pursuant to the Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and Council on the protection of natural persons with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data (GDPR) and the respective laws of Greece. For further details you may visit the webpage of the Hellenic Data Protection Authority ( ).
This information refers to the processing of personal data collected by natural persons-clients or legal representatives of clients or other persons who conduct transactions with the Company, which wish to be engaged by or cooperate with the Company, as well as any other natural persons who may cooperate with the Company in the context of the Company’s business objects.

What are the Personal Data and how does the Company process these Data.

Personal Data means any information relating to a specific natural person which can be identified, directly or indirectly (e.g. name, id number, home address etc).
The processing of your personal data means the collection, recording, organization, structuring, storage, adaptation or alteration, retrieval, consultation, use, transmission, restriction or deletion of your data, which have been notified or must be notified to the Company, in order to serve the purpose of hiring personnel or our contractual relationship regarding our products/services.

Ι. What personal data do we collect?
a) Identification data such as: name, father’s name, sex, identity or passport number, Tax Identification Number, Social Security Number (AMKA) date and place of birth, nationality.
b) Contact information such as postal and e-mail address, fixed and mobile telephone number (home or business numbers).
c) Data concerning your profession and if required by our cooperation, bank account numbers and data on your transactional behavior.
d) Signature.
e) Recording of images collected from the video recording systems installed at the Entrance of the Company’s premises.

ΙΙ. Where do we collect your data from?
The personal data stated above are collected on a case by case basis, by you, or by public sources, or third parties with whom we cooperate and who possess such data and are entitled to legally notify them to us in the context of their business activity. The recordings of images are collected from the respective recording files that we keep for which you have already been lawfully informed.

IΙΙ. Why do we collect your data and for which purposes do we process them?
The personal data which are collected pursuant to the above, either at the beginning of the contractual relationship or later, are processed by us for the following purposes:
a) The finding of personnel to be engaged in the Company and the communication with our potential employees.
b) The signing or closing of contracts with clients, suppliers and other parties of the market, the execution of the respective transactions and in general the smooth evolvement of the contracts and the fulfillment of the Company’s contractual obligations.
c) The Company’s compliance with the obligations imposed by the applicable legislative and regulatory context, as well as with the decisions and orders of public or judicial authorities.
d) The protection of the Company’s rights and legal interests as well as the protection of employees and its clients, aiming for example to ensuring the quality and improving the standards of the services offered, complying with the requirements of the quality management systems applied by the Company, monitoring and assessing of the business activities of the Company and ensuring the security of the Company’s premises as well as of the people who are in these premises.
e) When the Company has asked for and has received your consent to processing specific personal data, the processing of such data is based on such consent. In these cases, you have the right to withdraw your consent at any time. Such withdrawal will not, however, affect the legitimacy of any process based on your consent before its withdrawal.

The Company does not take decisions based on automated methods of personal data processing.

IV. Who are the recipients of your data?
a) The employees of the Company and on a case by case base the Company’s executives and members of the Board of Directors who are responsible for the management, administration and operation of the Company and the operation of the contracts between the Company and the clients, suppliers, or other parties contracting transactions with the Company as well as for the fulfillment of the Company’s obligations arising from said contracts and the applicable laws.
b) Natural persons and legal entities to which the Company may from time to time assign the execution of specific tasks on its behalf, such as accountants, lawyers, persons offering security services, providers offering configuration services of IT systems, logistics/ shipping companies, providers offering credit insurance services, providers of e-mail systems, under the condition that professional and general secrecy requirements are always met.
c) Credit or financing institutions based in Greece, who have been authorized and operate lawfully, in order to conduct payments pursuant to the terms of the contracts into which the Company enters with you.
d) Supervisory, independent, judicial, public or/and rest authorities acting in the context of their legal competencies, duties and powers.
The Company has legally ensured that all entities processing personal data on the Company’s behalf fulfill the respective legal requirements and provide sufficient guarantees to implement technical and organisational measures, so that the rights of the data subjects on their personal data are protected.

V. Are your data transmitted to countries outside the E.U (third countries) or to an international organization?
The Company does not transmit your data in countries outside the EU or international organisations.

VI. For how long shall we retain your personal data?
If you have entered into a contract with the Company your personal data will be retained throughout the life of our contractual relationship. If the relationship ends or is by any means terminated the Company shall retain your personal data for (5) five years, or as the case may be, and if imposed by the applicable legal and regulatory frame until the completion of the general limitation time, namely up to twenty (20) following the termination of the relationship.
If, up the lapse of the five (5) or as the case may be the twenty (20) year deadline you are involved in any legal/judicial dispute with the Company or any such dispute takes place which concerns you directly or indirectly, your personal data will be retained for a longer time than that mentioned above, and in any case until an irrevocable court decision is issued
The image data collected from the video recording archives of the video recording systems placed in the Company’s premises, will be retained for fifteen (15) days starting on the day of each recording. If the Company investigates a specific incident the retention period may be prolonged up to thirty (30) days.

VII. What are your rights with regard to the protection of your personal data?
You have the following rights with regard to the personal data we process:
a) To know which of your personal data the Company stores or processes, their sources, the purposes for their processing, their recipients or the categories of their recipients and the period of their storage (right of access).
b) To ask the rectification or/and supplementation of your data so that they are complete and accurate, by providing any necessary document through which the need to rectify and supplement is documented (right to rectification). This is at the same time your obligation.
c) To ask for restriction of the processing of your personal data (right to restriction of processing).
d) To deny and/or object to any further processing of your personal data stored by the Company (right to object).
e) To demand erasure of your personal data from the Company’s records (right to erasure).
f) To ask the Company to transfer the data you have provided to it to any other personal data controller (right to data portability).
Please note that satisfaction of your rights stated in points g, d and e above, if it pertains to data which are necessary for the conclusion or the execution and function of the contract, may make it impossible for the Company to conclude or continue its transactional relationship with you or to assess a request you submitted.
Moreover, the Company has in any case the right to deny your request for restriction or erasure of your data, if the processing or storage of the data is necessary for the establishment, exercise or defense of the Company’s legal interests or rights, or the Company’s compliance with its legal obligations. Exercising your right to data portability (stated in point f above) does not lead to the erasure of your data from the Company’s records; such erasure will be made pursuant on the terms of paragraph VI. The exercise of the above rights is valid for the future and does not affect previous data processing.
If you consider that you data are in any way violated you have the right to submit a complaint to the Data Protection Authority ( ) , which is the competent supervisory authority for the protection of the rights and freedoms of natural persons against the protection of their personal data.

VIII. How can you exercise the rights stated in paragraph VII above?
For the exercise of the rights stated in paragraph VII above you may contact the Company’s competent employee for the personal data processing in any of the following ways:
• By e-mail to:
• By facsimile to 2105552258
• In writing to the Company’s Offices (Address: David Amariglio st.Thesi Loutsa,190-18 Magoula Attika, Greece to the attention of the Data Processing competent person). You may print and fill in the form in the form “Request to exercise rights” which is published on the webpage of the Company ( and submit it to the Company in any of the ways mentioned above. The Company will use its best endeavors to address your request within thirty (30) days following submission of your request. The Company may extent the above deadline for sixty (60) more days, if such extension is deemed required to the Company’s discretion, after taking into consideration the complexity and the number of your requests. If the Company does not address your request it will inform you without delay and in any case within thirty (30) days following receipt of your request, about the reasons for which the Company did not answer and about your right to lodge a complaint. The above service is offered by the Company free of charge. However, in case the requests are manifestly unfounded, or are excessive or repeated the Company may impose a reasonable fee to the client, after informing the client respectively, or deny to address the respective requests.

ΙΧ. Miscellaneous:
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